Seascape Consultants offer a range of services to the offshore and marine sector focusing on sustainable solutions for environmental management and development. Established in 2010, we specialise in the provision of high-level advice to the marine sector, including regulatory bodies, policymakers, industry and NGOs. Our expertise includes coordination of marine scientific research, translation of scientific results to policy, strategic environmental management planning, stakeholder consultation and engagement, ocean governance issues and the management of marine data and information. We also specialise in offshore survey including geohazard assessment, biodiversity assessment and habitat mapping. We work alongside leading scientists around the world, and are partners in a number of major European research programmes addressing marine issues. Find out more about our full range of activities on our portfolio page.  

Latest news…

MIDAS project draws to a successful close: After 3 years of intensive research into identifying and understanding the environmental impacts of deep-sea resource exploitation, the MIDAS project has drawn to a close. Coordinated by Seascape and involving 32 partner institutions from academia, industry and the NGO sector, MIDAS covered a wide array of research aimed at helping the nascent deep-sea mining industry, regulators and civil society to understand the potential impacts of mining on deep-sea ecosystems. Read more

GOBI secures funding a a new 5-year programme of work: The GOBI partnership has been awarded a grant of €5.2m from the German International Climate Initiative to continue its work in supporting the conservation of life in the deep seas and open oceans. The funding will enable the continuation of the GOBI Secretariat, provided by Seascape Consultants, and will also support a suite of scientific studies to be carried out by GOBI partners. Read more

Seascape Consultants appointed to undertake first periodic review of the International Seabed Authority: On 29 January 2016, it was announced that Seascape Consultants have been commissioned to assist the ISA in its first periodic review of the manner in which the international regime for the Area has operated in practice, in line with Article 154 of UNCLOS. Read more


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